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Where do you want to
be in five years' time?

How does insurance actually help?

Buying a house

The w­­onderful world of real estate! Whether it’s your first house or your fifty first, it’s prudent to have your financial affairs and insurances set up effectively and efficiently before the purchase. We know what you may not know about what changes to your financial landscape real estate will make. Keep the process simple – we know how to navigate the terrain.  Come talk with us!  

How we can help you:

Getting married? Raising a family?

Great!  You’ve chosen a future with your life partner, and you now have an excuse to celebrate with your friends and family! Or maybe you're about to experience the joy of 'little people' in your life.  New and exciting changes.  Along with the fun stuff, it's also timely to consider what would happen if:

  • You died suddenly?
  • You were disabled and couldn’t work again in your career, or were off work for a long time?
  • You experienced an unexpected illness?

  How we can help you:

Changing job

A new job is an exciting time.  With it brings new challenges and opportunities. Ask yourself:

  • Have you joined KiwiSaver?
  • Are you travelling overseas as part of the new position (now or future)?
  • Should you review your income protection cover?
  • Is your cover sufficient?
  • Should you be using ACC Cover designed for self-employed people?

  How we can help you: