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Buying a business

You’ve decided to be the captain of your own ship?   It’s an exciting and challenging time.

The key to establishing your successful business is the creation of a business/financial plan, which is a working document and a blueprint for future success.

  1. Do you know your market?
  2. Do you have an advisory team around you?
  3. Do you know your key market drivers?
  4. Are there key people in the business you can’t afford to do without?

 How we can help you:

I'm creating an investment strategy

This can be daunting without a team of specialists around you.  This doesn’t need to be expensive and doesn’t need to include investment risk.  However it does need to be designed to suit your individual personality.  For some, buying shares suits them, for others, money in the bank works best.  The key is to have someone who is working solely for you – who is experienced and who makes the complicated simple. 

How we can help you:

Saving for my goals

 We’ve all got our unique financial goals that we’d love to achieve. Nothing in life happens without planning – even not planning is a plan that will have a consequence.  

 This process begins with gaining clarity around what you want your world to look like:

  • Travel?
  • Saving for your first home?
  • Paying off your student loan?
  • Buying that special toy you’ve always dreamed of?

Business advice

Don’t be confused with tax compliance when thinking about business advice.  Business advice means having a team around you – who have your best interests at heart.  Again, don’t confuse the management of your business with the governance/strategic planning of your business – this is where a good advisory team can really add value.