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Financial planning

Let’s start by looking at what your goals are. Everybody has goals, even if they don’t realise it. Buying a home, sending your children to university, owning a yacht, retiring early - anything that requires income can be a goal. As you focus on your goals, the key is our relationship with you. Working together you gain clarity around your goals, and then plan and implement effective ways to achieve them.

Everyone’s situation is different, there is no ‘one size fits’ all. We will create a plan that suits your uniqueness, with flexibility to change when your life changes. That may mean we help you to manage your investments, design insurance portfolios, or even establish estate planning strategies. Whatever the solution, our steadfast commitment is to make sure you receive advice that is right just for you.

Investment planning

Fact. We’re living longer. So how do we make our money flexible and last as long as we do? Asset selection and allocation helps your money grow – for your future financial security, for cash flow emergencies, or towards saving for a particular goal.

Whether you invest in cash, fixed interest, property or shares, there are a range of options, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Regardless if investing short-term to generate income, or investing in a longer-term investment to grow your portfolio, it’s important to align your investment goals with your risk tolerance. We help you to understand your investor profile and the investment options available, constructing a portfolio that suits you best. But we don’t stop there; we apply stringent risk management strategies to your portfolio, including the simple rule of ‘never put all of your eggs in one basket’. Upon your approval we’ll implement your plan, regularly review, and supply a full tax summary if required. Investment planning may sound daunting; we promise it’s not. Get in touch and find out how we can help your assets grow.  

Estate planning

Regardless of what you might think – you have an estate. Your assets, less your liabilities, at any point in time equals your net worth, in other words – your estate. And by assets we aren’t just talking about your insurance and investments. Think of your home, furniture, vehicles, savings, and your valuable personal possessions - you can’t take these with you when you’re gone.

At WealthDesign we create your estate plan based on your assets being passed on, in the way you intended - to the people you intended. We work alongside your legal advisers, and accountants, to ensure minimal tax or court involvement. Your estate plan is more than a Will.  It is a living document that can include power of attorney, advanced directives, designated guardians and financial support for children, planning for incapacity and trusts for your children, grandchildren, or favourite charity.