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Encouragement to get healthy from your insurance company?

Getting support to become healthier is getting easier. One of our insurance companies has come up with some awesome ideas ...

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Retirement may be some time off for you, or perhaps approaching faster than you expected – either way if you were to ask yourself ‘what lifestyle do I want upon retirement?’ you might find living off the national superannuation alone doesn’t match your desires.

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In life the unexpected happens. Acts of nature, damage, fire, theft, or just misfortune can sometimes mean you lose the things you care about most. While we can’t replace the sentimental value, insuring your valuable assets means they are at least financially replaceable.

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While money may make the world go round, it’s often in varying currencies. How the New Zealand and international markets affect your day-to-day business can take a bit of getting your head around. We translate the research to avoid you any headaches.

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