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Where do you want to
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For those who’s life is the land.

Debt protection

In life there’s real money and there’s maybe money.  Real money is what you owe the bank.  Maybe money is what you may be able to sell your assets for, if you had to pay the bank back today. On farms there will be key people that, should a disaster occur (death, disability, major health crisis), the business debt may become an issue.  You’ll need specialist advice to provide solutions that meet your individual needs.


Farmers have always been good at having an advisory group around them.  One of the issues has been that these advisory groups have crossed the line into management decisions, where their role is to help with strategic decision making.  The line can easily get blurred when you have advisors with vested/conflict of interest. Your advisory team needs to bring governance, experience and wisdom.  Choose wisely!

Investment strategies for farmers

Farmers understand the principle of capital gain and business returns.  They understand the art of investing today for a return tomorrow.   They know you never sell your capital stock at the bottom of the market.  This is why farmers make great investors. Investment strategies for farmers needs to be individualized – not a paint by numbers, out of the box, one size fits all solution.

Passing the farm on

We understand the emotional tie you have for the land.  It’s not just a business, it’s way more than that.  It’s heritage; it’s legacy and it’s lifestyle. Planning to pass the farm on to the next generation, or creating a business model that’s inter-generational takes skill.  It’s an ongoing process that needs ongoing focus.  You need advice from experienced people who will be beside you for the long haul.