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First home & residential

Whether you’re a first homebuyer, or property investor, buying a home can be the biggest, most exciting and scariest purchase you’ll ever make.  We can take the stress out of the experience. With the right set up, your property can increase your wealth, provide for you when the unexpected happens, or secure future lending should the need arise.


Borrowing for business, such as a commercial building or farm lending, shouldn’t be overwhelming. Yes, commercial mortgages can be at higher interest rates than residential, but with WealthDesign working beside you we will find the lender and a mortgage that meets your needs, without robbing the bank.

Debt consolidation

In business and in our personal lives we sometimes forget where our debt is, how much we are paying, and to whom. We may have financed a car through a dealer’s finance company, have a mortgage with one bank and a loan with another, and have store cards that are clocking up some seriously high interest rates.

As financial planners we assess your existing and proposed debt and explore ways to consolidate it. Whether this is bringing all of your debt together under one loan, paying the least amount of interest, or using debt in an investment portfolio, we can structure your debt to make it work for you.

Property investors

Property investment is one of New Zealand’s most popular wealth creation tools. Whether it’s one property, or dozens, your first step into the market, or you’re an experienced hand, there are a number of considerations.

As financial planners we work alongside you to ensure optimum investment results. The right loan structure can save you thousands in interest and tax benefits. It doesn’t matter whether your property is used as security for you own home, or one you rent out – it’s the purpose of your loan that’s important. Give us a call and let us talk property values, investment risks, and mortgage options with you.


You’re considering buying property? Fantastic. So where to from here?

Before making an offer on your purchase, we recommend you get pre-approved finance. Lenders look for a number of things when offering you finance, such as the percentage of the property value you are borrowing - or Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), your ability to pay back the loan - or Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR), and your credit history.

We will help you decipher the finer details, recommend rates, loan period and terms to best fit your lifestyle and income, and negotiate finance that makes for a smooth and rewarding transaction.

Working with your bank

Any work we do for you, we don’t do in isolation. Our relationship with you includes a relationship with your bank, advisers and business partners.  Our aim is to empower you so that when you have dealings with your bank, you are armed with the right information, so you get the best possible outcome.