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We like getting to know you, and helping you achieve in life and business.

Who we are

We're a friendly bunch of professionals who have a depth of experience that is geared up to serve you and your financial world. Some of us have children, some have furry children! We own property, and take pride in our prized possessions.  We save for our futures, we think about our retirement, and we wish to provide for our families even after we are gone. 

Funny thing about the human race - we're the same, but different. Our difference is that we happen to be fully qualified insurance, mortgage and financial advisers who recognise everyone is unique, and their circumstances require unique solutions. While each of the WealthDesign team specialises in different areas, our common denominator is the relationships we have with our clients. We get to know you, what you value, and what you want out of life and business. We help you to achieve, we celebrate your successes with you, and we're there if the going gets tough.  

How we do it

We embrace the principles of holistic financial planning.  There is a proven process we follow which will provide for you a comprehensive written plan of action that you can implement, moving you closer to achieving your goals.  This process continues as you live life, choosing how you want your world to look, and planning for a better life as you go.

Here’s how:

  1. We gather a clear understanding of what your goals and objectives are.
  2. We then discover where you are today.
  3. Evaluating this information and determining what is needed to achieve your goals, we then provide you with a plan and actions to get you from where you are, to where your want to be financially.
  4. Once we have agreed that this suits your needs, an implementation plan will be put in place.
  5. We constantly monitor the plan, and as your life deems necessary, over time make alterations.

We love teamwork.  We collaborate with other key members of your financial team, working at your side, to create the world you want to live in.  This will usually be your accountant and your lawyer, but as your situation is unique, this can sometimes include others.

We love transparency.  WealthDesign provides comprehensive financial planning advice, which looks different for every client.  We don’t provide a ‘paint by numbers’ solution, where the finished picture is identical to another.  Far from it.  We tailor solutions to each individual and therefore fees will vary accordingly.  What we can say is that we have a standard fee based on an hourly rate of $275 plus GST.  You will always know upfront (and you will sign paperwork to confirm) what you will pay, before the work is completed for you.

Your first chat is always free of charge.  During this chat we’ll discuss fees with you; so there are no surprises!

Our WealthDesign guarantee is:

 If you don’t see value for the advice we give, then you don’t pay us!

What we do

We all make important decisions about our education and employment.  We fall in love, we buy property, we marry, and we have children. Some of us divorce. We buy businesses, we invest in shares, we add to our assets. We have health concerns, and show concern for the health of our loved ones. Life is always changing.

With this change comes the need for planning. There are three types of people we deal with at WealthDesign: those for who the words finance, insurance, economics and investments are an instant turn off, those who totally embrace them, and everyone else in between!

Regardless of which type you are, we make the complicated easy and work with your best interests at heart. We help you achieve your goals. Take a look at what we do, then contact us – let us help so you’re prepared for whatever changes may come your way.