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Access KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver’s main purpose is to provide a lump sum at retirement; available from age 65. We can guide you through this process and answer any queries you may have about your KiwiSaver account.  We assist with the paperwork and ensure this process is as easy as possible.

Retirement lifestyles

Retirement is different for everyone. The number one purpose of retirement planning though, is you want your financial resources to outlive you!  This creates different management issues to the investment strategies that where used to create the wealth in the first place.  Return OF capital becomes more important than the return ON capital. What do you want your next phase of life to look like?

Structuring my investments

There are two issues facing someone who’s moving into retirement:

  1. Income is required from investments
  2. Strategies need to be established, so that inflation doesn’t erode the income in the future.

This is your nest egg  - it’s vital you invest in good quality advice. Our guarantee is if we don’t add value, you don’t pay us!