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So what sort of deal are you getting from your bank?

Knowledge is power and there is often a knowledge imbalance when you are talking to your bank.

You want the money when you need it. It might be to buy a new house or car. It might be that you need to increase the overdraft to pay bills or a tax liability. The truth is, normally your stress level is high and you just need an answer – and quick.

But you don’t know what you don’t know. The banks are great at lending us all money – that’s their job, but they are also in business to make a profit for their shareholders. This is why you need to be an informed user of financial services.

Do you know what is a fair fee to set up a loan? Do you know what rebates you can get when you get a new mortgage? What is the best interest set up? Do you know what file notes the bank person is writing about you? Is it fair that a new bank client will get incentives but an existing client gets … zip?

Knowledge is power but you need to go get that knowledge, otherwise you’re just a cash cow to the banks.

We recommend you get independent advice before you talk to the bank – even if you’re an existing bank client. 

Give Leonie here at WealthDesign a call to have a chat. She comes from a banking background so knows how they work. Her experience there along with her vast mortgage knowledge will be invaluable when it comes to your next rendezvous with the bank – whether you’re in the market for a new mortgage or negotiating with your existing bank. 

We have many clients so thankful that they were introduced to Leonie prior to their dealings with the bank – it has saved them thousands.

Call today – 06 3555 844 – ask for Leonie. 

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