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The way we do business is changing – is your insurance keeping up?


I read an article about driverless cars and it got me thinking about how the world has changed.  You have things like UBER, bookabach and Airbnb; all new concepts that have insurance consequences, especially if you don’t tell your insurer what you are doing with your assets.  Commercial car insurance is more expensive than private insurance for a reason, and if you are using your car for commercial use, you need to tell your insurer.  The same goes for your home and contents insurance, if you have decided to rent out your house.  The rules around the Restricted Driving License, is also one of the areas people leave themselves open on.

The old ‘she’ll be right’ attitude is all well and good – until something goes wrong – then it can be a big deal.  If you aren’t sure, it’s always better to check, than to ignore the issue.  

So if you’ve got a question, give us a call.  No question is a silly one.  We’re here to help.

John Barber
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