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Some need to know, with a bit of WealthDesign nice to know thrown in.

NIB & Tower Medical Insurance

At the end of 2012 NIB purchased Tower Medical Insurance. NIB is a new name to the New Zealand market but has been around for 60 years in Australia and has over one million customers.  It is now the second largest medical insurer in New Zealand. NIB is confident that they can bring innovation to the New Zealand health insurance market.  You may have seen their new adverts on television featuring Benji Marshall.

If you are an existing Tower Medical Insurance client, it’s business as usual. If you need a claim form or to lodge a claim, give us a call.  We’re here to help.


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It is always great to beat the Aussies in anything. The humble New Zealand passport is the latest win in our favour. The New Zealand passport will get you into 168 countries without a visa, the Aussie passport, only 167.

The best passport to travel on is a British or Swedish one, as this will get you into 173 out of the possible 219 countries. The worst is if you hold an Afghan passport. Only 28 countries will let you in without a visa. The reason for the visa is to restrict the risk of overstayers or asylum seekers.  A visa allows the authorities to know who is coming and going.

So, keep your passport safe.  It may be more valuable than you think! 

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Why I like investing in energy companies

As we all know, Meridian Energy IPO is well underway.  I like investing in power companies such as Contact Energy, Mighty River and now Meridian Energy.

I was once told, buy shares in companies that have monopolistic traits that make money in good times and bad. These companies should be in a sector that have barrier to entry for competitors, and they should also own assets that appreciate with inflation. Guess what, even on a bad day, we all turn on the lights and power consumption continues to increase. You can’t easily build a new power station and existing energy infrastructure has a long life span.

My advice is never to bet the house on one share, however, power company shares are worth buying in a diversified share portfolio.


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When looking for quality financial advice …

Research shows that there are fewer than 1800 financial advisers authorised to give personalised financial advice in New Zealand. The scary thing is,  of these only around 360 are non-aligned or not linked to product providers, banks or insurance companies.  This minority aren’t allowed to advertise that they are independent.  So where do you go to get impartial, quality advice?

In my opinion, being authorised might allow you to give advice but this shouldn’t be the minimum level of qualification one should have, to provide quality advice. There has always been an education pathway before the latest round of regulations.  People should look for those advisers who believe in further education and who have demonstrated this by becoming either a CLU or CFP. These designations carry a higher qualification that AFA, providing their clients with the best quality advice in the market.

I advise you to ask what qualifications your potential financial adviser has.  It’s your life, so shop around to make sure you have the best adviser, someone that you’re comfortable with, and who is well qualified. 

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The increasing number of retirees and the increasing longevity of these retirees will create opportunities and challenges. Expect to see changing spending patterns within the economy as the power of the grey wave starts to hit. Healthcare, travel and entertainment will be likely winners.

The investment conclusion from all of this, the grey wave is going to want more income assets that provide long term inflation hedging.

For more information about planning into your future, give us a call.

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