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Some need to know, with a bit of WealthDesign nice to know thrown in.

Wealthy people use financial advisers

Australian research shows that 89% of people that use a qualified financial adviser said the advice was good value and helped them select the right product for their individual circumstances.  Although common for households earning over $160,000, only 15% of all Australians use a financial adviser.

This is ironic as you don’t need to be wealthy to make informed decisions, however informed decisions will definitely move you towards your wealth.  Every life stage requires you make appropriate financial choices and it pays to get good advice. Often this doesn’t cost, and can be invaluable.

If you want to be put on the right financial path, knowing you have peace of mind and that you are aligned with your own personal goals and desires, contact us now and make a positive start to 2014.

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Hands up who wants independent financial advice?

Actually, who wants independent financial advice, from an adviser who has experience plus the appropriate qualifications?  

There are some startling statistics coming to light.  Recently financial commentator David Chaplin found that independent financial advice is a ‘rare commodity.’  According to Chaplin’s research, only 325 Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs), who are not owned by or affiliated to a financial institution, are left operating in New Zealand today.  

The belief that people need impartial advice is WealthDesign’s core philosophy.  We’ve turned down offers to be affiliated or linked to any one organisation in the past and will continue to do so, as we don’t believe that would be in our clients’ best interests.  We recommend the optimal product that will do the best job for our clients – end of story.

When you work alongside us, you’re in a ‘safe pair of hands.’  Phone for an appointment and we’ll show you how we can help.

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What will Father Christmas bring for 2014?

On reviewing 2013, it has been a stellar year for investors. Global equity markets are up 24% and the NZ market is up 19% year to date. Many say 2014 may be even better still but I have my own concerns.  Never take returns from last year as a guide for next year.

Equity markets are no longer cheap and the bond market is close to over priced. In fact, some bond investors will have lost money in the bond market in the past six months. In Australia banking stocks and high quality shares such as health care have done well, but some of the big name mining stocks have had a tough year.

New Zealand is looking to be in a good place economically with the Christchurch rebuild, immigration up and the dairy sector firing on all cylinders, but there are some headwinds:

  • 2014 is election year and we could end up with a change of government
  • the New Zealand Reserve Bank continues to talk about cranking interest rates which will drive mortgage rates back to around 8%
  • we have employers holding off on any investment or increasing employment opportunities.

The world wide economy is still driven by the US economy. At some stage the US must stop printing money and start to rewind their debt level. This can’t help but stop consumption; and when you stop to consider that 55% of the world consumers are Americans, like it or not, we are all reliant on the US economy. Eventually this will flow through to the share markets, and the amazing returns we’ve seen in the past 12 months may not continue.

I think Father Christmas is going to bring us another interesting year with some contrast and diversity.  Plan to get some good forward thinking financial planning advice from someone who isn’t answerable to a product supplier or bank.  If you want a good Christmas present for your friends and family, send them to talk to us early in 2014 – our first meeting is always complimentary.


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Over a decade ago official elective surgery waiting lists were abandoned.  At the time the official number of people waiting for surgery was 50,000.  

Research shows that right now there are 280,000 people who have been told they require some form of elective surgery, however of these, only 110,000 have been formally placed on a waiting list.  

 Even though that official number doubles the statistic from a decade ago, there are a further 170,000 people who are not on a waiting list because their issue isn’t perceived to be significant enough.

The fact is, there are no real private waiting lists.  Private patients are treated promptly, providing them with better health outcomes.  They can then get on with their lives.


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Deadline for UK pension transfers

If you have worked in the UK or moved to New Zealand and have a pension scheme in the UK, you need to take notice.

The UK pension rules are changing on the 31st March 2014 and the tax treatment of those funds, if moved to New Zealand, will be vastly different than they are today.

There are 48 registered schemes where you can transfer your pensions into but it must be done before March. Not all of them are top quality and some are down right dodgy. The fees to the uninformed can be extortionate.

It’s best to talk to a professional. UK pension transfers are part of an overall retirement  plan, which needs managing.  Give us a call; we’re here to help.


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