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John’s to-do list for millennials

After last night’s workshop in Wellington, focusing on millennials and their finances, John has put together a to-do list. It’s aimed at getting you on the right track, if you’re a millennial or not.

  1. Do a goal setting exercise – where do you want to be in five years’ time?
  2. Get a Will and an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA).
  3. Set up an insurance portfolio.
  4. Start a savings programme.
  5. Make sure your KiwiSaver is working as hard as you are.
  6. Get ongoing advice.


John Barber
WealthDesign – a life well planned


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The shape of our families in 2017 looks somewhat different than the family shape in 1977. Today many families are blended families and often with more than just one set of children.  Blended families can make financial planning just a little complex!  Often there are issues around how assets are split if one or both partners die untimely. 

We are now seeing KiwiSaver scheme balances getting up to the stage that they need to be considered within the estate planning process too.

There are legal issues and often people don’t want to open the door and play the ‘what if game’, but from my experience, planning for the worst and expecting the best is always best done before a crisis.

Once you can articulate what you want to happen, planning requires an input from lawyers. One of the largest issues we see is that people get the first two parts right, but never finish the paperwork. The outcome can be a basket full of pain, despair and wasted money.

As financial planners, we have experience in organising this process, and understand where insurance can play an important part.

Expect the best and plan for the worst – give us a call today – we make the complicated simple. It’s just what we do.

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John Barber
WealthDesign – a life well planned

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Mummy’s phone!

“Mummy’s phone!”  cried the little boy in the stroller… he might have been two years old, but could’ve been younger.  “No Honey, Mummy only has 1% charge left; you can’t have Mummy’s phone.”  He struggled and cried despairingly as he wriggled around, trying courageously to reach his mum’s cell phone as she held it out of his reach, swooping it into her purse – gone, but not forgotten.

I was shopping in Spotlight, looking for inspiration for Santa’s upcoming visit, when I witnessed this unfold before me.  Whoa – screens have taken over the world! And it disturbed me, so much so, that next time I was in front of mine, I googled it. 

It’s been bugging me on and off, as John and I grapple with screens and their importance in our day to day lives.  So just what is it doing to family life and relationships?

So Catherine Steiner-Adair EdD, a really smart lady who’s recently written a book discussing just this issue, was interviewed by the Huffington Post.  She has a thing or two to say on the matter.

Let’s use technology for what it’s intended for, but be super aware that it does need to be managed.  The tendency is for screens to manage us.  This is a new phenomenon which, if we totally ignore, we may do so at the peril of the relationships with those we hold the most dear.  And you just can’t take the time back once it’s gone (spoken by a true empty nester!).



Kristine Barber
WealthDesign – a life well planned


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