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2014 – Rome.  Our first exposure to staying with Airbnb.  Max was our contact, and we got to stay in the middle of Rome, in the middle of summer (man, it’s hot over there!) with our daughter, while she was studying in the city for a year.  Breakfast was provided for us each morning, and all went smoothly. (It helped having our own tour guide by the name of Meg!) The price was super-reasonable and all-in-all, a great experience.

Fast forward to about six weeks ago.  John tells me we’re off to Wellington to see the All Blacks play Wales.  I jump online to find accommodation in the city – and unless we were prepared to pay for two nights’ accommodation at some places, or, an exorbitant amount of money for one night – accommodation fell into the ‘hens’ teeth’ category.

So I decided to try Airbnb again – worth a try I thought.  Well, fast track to mid June, and we got to experience a gorgeous little house in Island Bay, with a view of the ferry inching into view, and a chance to meet a wonderful lady by the name of Chris, who was welcoming, hospitable and just plain lovely!  We had friends who came with us too, and the set up was perfect.  And all for a reasonable price, plus in the morning we didn’t have to be gone by 10am for the cleaners to come in! John and I got to go for an invigorating walk along the coastline and take in a bit of Wellington we rarely get to see. 

Technology has catapulted us forward into the 21st century and how we’ve lived and done business in the past has been transformed.  Who would’ve thought of travelling ten years ago, and staying at someone’s home – someone you don’t even know?  But with online reviews that keep businesses honest, the playing field has been levelled, and you can get a feel of what a place will be like, prior to booking.

Go check out the website and get inspired!



Kristine Barber
WealthDesign – a life well planned

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Welcome to the first instalment of ‘Budgeting with Wilson – advice from an ex-uni student’ (insert theme tune). Today’s topic?  Sky TV, and how to get more TV for less.

The rise of the internet has 100% led to the death of Sky TV. It’s now expensive and can be a bit of a money pit. When you consider other options out there, Sky TV probably ranks right down near the bottom in terms of value for money, and content.

So what does the ex-uni student recommend? The answer is one that has come off the back of illegal streaming and downloads. It’s on demand tailored content that gives you exactly what you want, and lots of it, for nowhere near the hundreds of dollars you would spend on Sky TV.

In terms of that on demand content, there is a plethora of options in the New Zealand market with Netflix being king. Watch it on your TV, your phone, your laptop, or tablet, there are literally thousands of movies and TV shows to watch, with more being added weekly. Netflix will cost you $10 a month. Cheap, right?

But you what about sport, I hear you ask? Once again on demand streaming has options. Whether its golf though PGA Tour Live, basketball through NBA TV, baseball on MLB TV, or the football though Premier league Pass, there are a crazy amount of options, for a ridiculously low price.

The only stumbling block to my amazing budgetary advice surrounding your TV viewing habits is the rugby. World rugby hasn’t quite caught up to the revolution. However, I have a solution, and that’s going to the pub and having a few pints with your mates instead – problem solved (and much more social)!

Compared to Sky TV at over $120 a month, any streaming option or options will cost you far less. That means more money for you to spend on beer, holidays, or more sensibly, building your savings. Plus your family will think you’re so technologically savvy when you bust out Netflix, and work it like a pro.

Wilson O’Fee
Your friendly WealthDesign, financially savvy, ex-uni student!

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A bit of fun for both genders!

We like to poke some fun at both genders at WealthDesign. Here’s a chance for the men! We are all for gender equality at WealthDesign. Here are a few quips that we all found funny in the office today.


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