Plan A or Plan B?

It is a sad fact that we often see the impact of people opting for Plan A, which is no insurance,  rather than Plan B, which is a prudent, well structured insurance portfolio. We hear the stories of families put into financial difficulty due to a death or disability within a family.

Unfortunately disasters do happen and a decision not to have insurance is a decision to take Plan A. The unintended consequence of this decision is far reaching. Yes, simple in the short term, but often devastating in the long term.  The last thing a widower wants is financial pressure after the loss of their loved one; but it happens far too often. In the first two months of this year, I have come across two such cases.

Our clients have had the benefit of the hard conversations. We have had a look at the “what if” questions and put in strategies to cover these potential disasters. This gives our clients peace of mind, and the ability to get on with life, knowing if the worst should happen, at least financial woes won’t be part of the equation.

Talk to your family (immediate and extended) and ask the question – have they had the discussion around risk?  If not, please let us know.  We are happy to sit down and have a conversation around this thorny issue.  We have answers; ones that won’t break the bank and will bring you peace of mind – Plan B, in other words.

John Barber